We offer just one product for pensions – the one we think is the best, which incidentally is the one that many people on our team are using for their own pension plans.


We do offer other financial products, for other purposes:


www.SavingsForNomads.com – A savings plan with lots of personalisation options, also issued by Investors Trust, ideal for general saving and investing regularly, with more flexibility than a pension plan but without the guaranteed minimum return that the pension plan includes


www.MedicalForNomads.com – Full private medical/health insurance, with no medical exam needed, fully online/remote/paperless application and claims process, four different cover levels to choose from, and great prices


www.LifeInsuranceForNomads.com – A great life insurance policy, designed for nomad & expat families with highly valuable bonus features including practival help and support, fully online/remote/paperless application with no medical exam needed, at a great price