No. It’s not that we can’t – several people on our team are licensed to provide personal financial advice, and Investors Trust have authorised us to provide financial advice to their customers – the reason we don’t is because we’re aiming to be the biggest and best financial services provider for digital nomads all over the planet, and proper personalised financial advice is not something which can be done quickly or scaled easily.


Instead, our aim is to inform and educate our fellow nomads about personal finance in general, introduce you to financial products that we love, and help you build your own financial skillset so that you can make good financial decisions yourself. If you would like to receive useful knowledge and suggestions about how to optimise your finances as a nomad on a regular basis, check out and stick your email address in the box in our website footer. We hate spam too, so we won’t be sending out emails too frequently, and when we do send something, we’ll make sure it’s useful and relevant.


Of course, if you have any specific questions about your financial planning, any scenarios you want to run past us to see if there’s any obvious (to a financial expert) things missing or mistakes, or anything about this pension plan which you want to have explained in more detail, just contact us and ask! If we can help, we will help.