ITA Group was founded in 2002, with the specific objective of providing a modernised approach to investing for use by expatriates and other international investors. Over the years, Investors Trust has become a leader in its industry by continuing its focus on building market-leading financial products, advanced account management technologies, and world-class customer support in multiple countries worldwide.


Investors Trust is now licensed and regulated in three jurisdictions (Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, and Malaysia), has regional offices in eight locations worldwide (the three previous locations plus Miami in the USA, Montevideo in Uruguay, Dubai in the UAE, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and Hong Kong in China), and customers in most countries on the planet.


In our opinion Investors Trust offers some of the best financial products available globally, has the best online account management technology compared to all of its peers, and has continually provided superb customer support over the almost-a-decade that some members of our team have worked with them.