Yes! All “paperwork” is delivered by email, and all account setup and management is done online. Unlike most insurance companies, Investors Trust was set up with the specific aim of providing technologically advanced financial solutions to global expatriates, long before “FinTech” was even a word, and long before being a “digital nomad” was even a thing.


Investors Trust have demonstrated their commitment to continual technological improvements since their inception in 2002; some of our team have been recommending them to others for nearly a decade; and they’re the only large and long-standing multi-jurisdictional insurance company we know of which was embracing technology – and avoiding pointless paperwork – long before it became a necessity for us digital nomads, and a popular cause to reduce the deforestation of our home planet. New “challenger” insurance companies will undoubtedly emerge in future with a similar approach, but this one has already been doing it for a long time – we think that is very valuable, particularly when you’re choosing a company to hold your pension assets for the next 10 to 20 years or more.