We’ve made the application process as simple as possible for you, fully online and submitted by secure upload via our website, www.PensionsForNomads.com. As this pension plan is a regulated financial product, the information needed is comprehensive, but not intrusive – you need to confirm your identity and personal details (obviously), your source of income which your pension plan will be funded by, the duration and monthly amount options that you’ve chosen, and your method of payment. If at any point in the application you’re not sure what to put, or need something clarified, just ask us.


Once received, if there is anything we need to check or confirm with you, we will contact you by email, phone, or video call, either immediately if one of our applications staff is available, or at a convenient time for you.


Assuming everything is completed perfectly, we then process your application directly via our corporate Investors Trust login, and submit it for approval by Investors Trust. They have multiple offices worldwide spanning 12 time zones, and the time it takes to get your pension plan approved and started usually ranges from a few minutes to a few hours, even at weekends.


You will then receive an email from Investors Trust directly with the details of your pension plan, policy documents, and confirmation of the options you have selected. Please make sure to double check the details given, mistakes are very rare but they can happen, and of course it’s a lot easier for everyone if we make sure that it’s perfectly set up at the start.


To confirm and activate your pension plan, click the confirmation link in the email, and you’ll then be able to finish setting up your online account and select your password etc. Your pension plan will be active immediately, and you’ll be able to begin exploring the features and tools available via your account login.


Overall, the process is relatively quick and painless, and most people can complete the application process within 10-15 minutes, and the account setup within 2 minutes.


Please remember that we are here to help – before, during, and after the application process – don’t be shy to contact us with any questions or requests for help. We’ve made the process as easy and automated as possible for those who want to get their pension plan started with minimum fuss, and of course we have our team of human beings – fellow nomads – ready and waiting to assist you :-)