Please contact us to say that you would like to make a complaint – you don’t need to say what it’s about initially, if you don’t want to – and one of our senior team members will firstly listen, and secondly try to fix the issue. We really appreciate all feedback, both positive and negative, because it helps us provide a continually excellent service to our fellow nomads. Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we want to be the best at what we do, and all feedback helps us achieve that.


If in future you’re not happy with any aspect of how we’re providing ongoing support relating to your pension plan, again please contact us in the first instance so we have the chance to fix the problem, make it right for you, and learn from it. If you’re still not happy with how we’ve responded to your complaint, you can escalate it to Investors Trust if you have any complaint about us, and/or escalate it to the financial services regulator in any of the three jurisdictions in which Investors Trust is licensed and regulated if you have any complaints about Investors Trust.


Please also contact us if we’ve done something brilliantly – particularly if someone on the PensionsForNomads team has delighted you with their customer service – our team works hard to be awesome, and even just a few words of praise or thanks can make someone’s day, and invigorate our whole team to continually strive to be the best we can be!