Yes. And what a great employer you would be! Our suggestion for the best process to follow is this:


Step 1: Talk to us, find out and understand what your options are

Step 2: Discuss with your company board or corporate advisors

Step 3: Talk to your employees, listen to them, get feedback and preferences

Step 4: Talk to us again, map out a specific plan to implement and be 100% sure how it works

Step 5: Discuss the specific plan with your company board or corporate advisors again for approval

Step 6: Talk to us again to implement and set up the specific plan

Step 7: Fully inform your employees of their pension plan(s) and make sure they understand everything

Step 8: Carry on growing your business with happier staff and no pension-related drama after setup!


At any stage of the process we are ready, willing and able to help, so just contact us and ask us anything!