There is only one way to know that anything isn’t a scam, and that’s to thoroughly research it, check the details, and make sure you understand it. Advice and recommendations from people you trust are great, but what’s even better is knowledge and understanding, then you don’t need to “trust” anything or anyone in order to make good decisions.


We haven’t gone into great detail about the people on our team and our backgrounds in finance because that’s not a good way to assess something – probably the most famous scam ever was the Ponzi scheme operated by Bernie Madoff, it was the largest Ponzi scheme in world history and the largest financial fraud ever in the USA ($64.8 billion). He was also the Chairman of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, the second-largest stock exchange in the world, and had a long and impressive CV which included Directorships at multiple large Wall Street investment firms, industry associations, and regulatory bodies. He was able to scam thousands of people out of billions of dollars, simply because they trusted the person based on their employment record and reputation rather than doing proper due diligence on the actual product on offer. Don’t make that mistake.


We have lots of articles and links on how to check various different aspects of this pension plan, including exactly how it works, how to check the product details with the issuing financial institution, and how to check the issuing financial institution is properly licensed and regulated by strong and well established government regulators in multiple jurisdictions, so please take your time to thoroughly read and understand how to check these things – you will then have the knowledge and understanding of how to check any other financial products (or even non-financial ones) which you may come across in future.


Learn how to check and understand things for yourself, do not simply rely on trusting people or the adverts they create!