Firstly, they need to know it exists, so be sure to make a will and/or keep a record of your assets which can be found by your beneficiaries if/when you die.


Secondly, after your pension plan is set up and live, you can inform Investors Trust of who you want to receive your pension if/when you die. This can be one person, or several people, even a charity or other legal entity, and you can give specific instructions on how to spilt it if you have more than one chosen beneficiary (it doesn’t have to be equal splits, you can assign a set percentage to each). We can help you do this, just ask us if you need any help.


In the event of death, any one of your chosen beneficiaries can then contact Investors Trust to inform them, provide a copy of the death certificate, some checks will be made to confirm its authenticity, and then your beneficiaries will have two options:


a) Fully close the plan and be paid a total of 101% of the current value by bank transfer(s) – to be clear, this is the current value of the pension plan (100%) plus an additional 1% - or

b) Continue the pension plan on exactly the same terms, with it now in the names of your chosen beneficiaries


At all times, you (or your beneficiaries) can contact us for help and/or sort things out via your own personal login with Investors Trust.