Anything you like, it’s your money! The sensible thing to do is of course to use it to fund your life in retirement, when you’re not working anymore and therefore not receiving a salary anymore. There are several options for how to do this, and you have the flexibility to do any of them, or even all of them.


At the end of the duration you choose, the full value of the pension plan is yours to decide what to do with, so if you want to withdraw some to get your retirement life set up (for example pay off any outstanding debts, buy a house etc) you can do so, you could also buy an annuity from any insurance company (an annuity is where you give an insurance company a large amount of money, and in return they give you a fixed amount of money each month until you die), you can make regular withdrawals from your pension plan to replace your salary income, or you can keep it invested and growing if you don’t yet want or need to retire.


If you have something in mind and would like to check if it’s possible, or check if there are any things you should consider regarding your intentions, just contact us and ask – we’re here to help. Ultimately, by saving up each month and having it invested and growing over many years, you’ll end up with a large sum of money which is yours to use however you like. Future You will thank you for it!