There are really only two things to consider here:


1) How much do you need to pay in, to reach your target pension value goal?

2) How much can you comfortably afford to pay in each month, without ever discovering that you’ve over-committed yourself or stressing about your month-to-month finances?


Start with question number one by carefully thinking, researching, and creating your financial plan – there are lots of articles on which will help you with that. That will give you a target to aim for, and inform you of what you need to do to reach it.


Then be very realistic with question number two – don’t put yourself under the wrong sort of pressure. Make sure it’s affordable, make sure you can stick to the plan, so that you ensure you receive the full benefit from the pension plan, are maximising the value of every dollar you save, and are fully optimising your finances as a global nomad. Find the right balance – you can always save and invest more in future, but you can not go back in time and save and invest more. So if you’re just starting out, focus on starting a plan which you can definitely stick to – and get started! Future You will thank you for it :-)