The product featured on is a medium-to-long-term investment plan designed to provide future value certainty through capital guarantees and a fixed and consistent payment schedule over the full duration of the plan, with the options of 10, 15, and 20 year durations. It only invests into one thing – the S&P500 Index – and is perfect for pension planning and other specific medium-to-long-term objectives where you expect, and plan for, paying into it on a consistent basis without ever needing to make early withdrawals, or reduce the amount you save each month. It does have the flexibility to do this, but is not designed for this purpose, and to fully optimise your finances as a digital nomad you should use each financial product you have for the specific purpose it was designed for. This product is designed to make sure that you achieve your long term financial goals with minimum risk and maximum certainty.


The product featured on is a short, medium, or long-term plan designed to provide investment-grade returns whilst giving you full flexibility to change your savings plan as you make your way through life. It is ideal for saving up generally, as well as for various different financial requirements and needs that you know you will need money for in future. Its flexibility includes the option to choose from three base currencies (USD/EUR/GBP), as well as invest into a wide range of investment funds (300+) from leading fund managers such as BlackRock, Schroders, PIMCO, and more. You can choose to invest into the S&P500 Index if you want to keep things simple and effective, or you can create and manage your own personalised investment portfolio. You can make withdrawals when you need to, and receive good loyalty bonuses if you don’t need to. The duration can range from 5 to 25 years, you can add random one-off amounts at any time. This product is designed to help you get into good savings habits without being restrictive, and maximise the value of every dollar you save whilst still keeping your money accessible for when you need to spend it.


Everyone, including you, has different needs and requirements for their personal finances, both now and in the future, and using just one product or account for all of those needs usually means you are not fully maximising the value of every dollar you save and invest, because each different financial product is created for a different specific purpose, and therefore by using just one type of financial product for all your different financial needs, you are compromising your finances, not optimising your finances. The two different products highlighted above are not the only two you will ever need – but they are both ideal for the respective purposes that they serve, and perfect for location-independent digital nomads.