Technically, no, as it is a fixed plan. If you want something more flexible which will allow you to add – and withdraw – random amounts at any time you like, check out, which features a product designed for this purpose. It is highly likely that if your financial circumstances allow, you will benefit from having multiple financial solutions to multiple financial requirements – if you try to squeeze all your financial needs into one solution, you’re compromising your finances, not optimising your finances.


This pension plan is designed as a perfect solution to your retirement planning needs, and is achieved by committing a regular monthly amount which you can always afford, for a fixed duration, to make sure that Future You has a nice retirement, nomad-er where you end up. It is not the only financial solution you will ever need – it’s one of the things which adds significant value to your overall financial planning by being exceptionally good at one specific thing – your retirement planning.

That said, you can pre-pay into it if you like - just note that this is considered as paying in advance, not making an "extra" payment into your pension. The maximum you can contribute is fixed, and the guaranteed minimum future values are based on this amount. If you would like to pre-pay, you can pay up to 3 years' worth of contributions per year (and no more than that). This means that you technically could complete a 15-year plan in just 5 years, for example.

Overall, we suggest making a good plan, sticking to the plan, and when you find yourself in a position to save and invest extra, pick a different product to add that one-off money to - one which is specifically designed for random ad-hoc amounts.


There are many articles here on which will help you create and perfect your own personalised financial plan – and optimise your finances as a global nomad. Take a look!