For this specific pension plan, no. Sorry. We are able to set up other account types though, with both Investors Trust and various other financial institutions around the world, and our team of financial professionals have a wide network of contacts in the financial industry and may be able to either help directly or at least point you in the right direction and/or introduce you to someone reputable who can help.


If you would like to invest a one-off amount instead of paying in regularly, please send us a message with a brief overview of what you’re looking for, how much you would like to invest, and any other specific requirements you have, and our team will pass on your message to the most appropriate person on our team, and if we can help, we will help.


If you would like to pay in to this pension plan at a different frequency than monthly, you can choose to pay in quarterly, half-yearly, or annually – but it’s still a regular commitment, and we think that in order to extract maximum value from every dollar you invest and fully optimise your finances, having as many entry-points as possible is the best way to benefit from dollar cost averaging (DCA), and therefore in many cases, even if your income is earned quarterly/half-yearly/annually, it is best to invest it gradually each month.