Yes - it’s not recommended though, unless you’re near the end of your chosen duration, have a pension plan value significantly higher than the guaranteed minimum return, and have already accumulated the money you need for your retirement. You can make a withdrawal at any time after the initial period is completed, subject to maintaining a minimum full surrender value of $2,400, but please note that if you make a withdrawal before the end of your chosen duration, you negate (lose) the guaranteed minimum return, so the amount you receive will be 100% dependent on the return of the S&P500 Index without the safety net of the guaranteed minimum return.


If you’re looking for a great general savings and investment product for your flexible savings requirements, which is a far better investment than a bank account and a lot more flexible than a pension plan – which is ideal for the times when your circumstances change and you need to pause your savings habits or make a withdrawal – check out Just don’t forget your pension plan – keep it separate from your general savings and your circumstantial money management – the financial situation of Future You is entirely dependent on the financial decisions made by Current You!